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UK Leak Detection Services

UK Coverage. Noticed a leak at home or the office? At Detect the Leak we will find & fix all hidden Central Heating Leaks, Gas Supply Line Leaks & Water Leaks.

Why Call Detect The Leak?

At Detect the Leak we have the latest technology, highly trained and experienced engineers to carry out all type of leak detection & drainage works, whether it is commercial, domestic or civil.

At Detect the Leak we are able to undertake all types of water leak detection, using our hi-tech specialist equipment.

We can find your leak with minimal disruption, keeping your costs down and providing a great service.

With over 16 years of water leak detection experience and a 100% success rate in finding leaks we are very confident we can find the most difficult of leaks and do love a challenge.

In addition to leak detection we offer a range of services including; central heating leaks, gas supply line leaks, installation of septic tanks, utility tracking, domestic and commercial repairs.

Every job is different and all costed accordingly.
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Detect the Leak FAQ's

1What kind of leaks can you find?
At Detect the Leak we specialise in tracking and tracing all types of leaks, including the locating of, sudden rising damp, supply pipe leak on water, gas & even oil.

Detect the Leak has invested into the latest technology and we are able to locate any type of water problems such as the following;-

The tracing and locating of burst water main supply line from, domestic households, commercial properties as well as the civil sector.

  • With the use of our state of the art CCTV cameras we are able to track, trace and identify all types of drainage issues, as well as mapping of the systems from soakaways - septic tank locations or even collapsed lines.
  • Central heating systems are a common leak to have, at Detect the Leak we have all the specialised kit to locate those pesky leaks with non destructive measures.
  • Suffering from sudden rising damp, random water pushing up from the ground in the garden or even under you homes floor, we have all the expertees, knowledge, tried & trust methods and technology to trace locate and resolve any water leaks, drainage or any type of water issue.
2Sudden damp patch on the ceiling?
As with any domestic property this could be a result of many different issues, from waste pipe leaks, mains water leaks, heating leaks or even a roof leak. Do not panic as this is something that Detect the Leak will be able to assist you with and resolve your issue.

The engineers at Detect the Leak use many different techniques to locate your issue, from the use of Infrared cameras, acoustic testing, tracer gas tests, dye testing as well as the latest micro cameras.

All our engineers are well trained & have a vasty experience in leak detection, once on site our engineers will keep you up to date with what is happening, why they are using a specific method and make sure you have a hassle free experience and resolve your issue with minimal fuss.
3What is Trace & Access?
While generally speaking “trace & access“ is a term used by most insurers within the leak detection industry to trace, locate & expose a leak within your property.

At Detect the Leak we offer the full service of trace & access on any property, and on completion you will be issued a full report. This report will be accepted by your insurer allowing you to be compensated/reimbursed for the time and money spent on the job.

At Detect the Leak we will not just stop at tracing and accessing your leak, we offer a service that we are able to repair your leak, as well as offer a full reinstatement service as well. This allows for your home to be reinstated back to its original state prior to your leak.
4Have bad odours or smells of effluent in your property?
In most cases when you are experiencing bad odours or smells within your property, this would signify either a drainage or waste pipe defect below the floor layers or the possibility of old stagnant water.

With the use of Detect the Leak's hi-tech leak detection and drainage equipment, our engineers are able to use multiple methods and techniques in order to pinpoint the issue with little disruption. The issue could be related to a collapsed drain outside or even a disconnected waste pipe below the floor layers.

No matter what the issue may be, at Detect the Leak we will look after you and locate any issue of bad odours or smells.
5Suffering a loss of water pressure?
If you are suffering from a loss of water pressure, this generally is a large tell tale sign that you have a burst mains water supply.

However, there could be other mitigating factors that could have an effect on your water pressure, for example;-

  • A burst mains water supply in your local area (we would usually suggest contacting your local water supplier and ask if there is any ongoing issues which could be affecting your supply).
  • If it is through the winter time, there is a possibility that your pipes could be frozen.
  • There could be a blocked sieve or check valve which have a debris build up resulting in poor flow.

At Detect the Leak we have various tests and checks which we can undertake to test your system, mixed with our highly skilled engineers & technology we can identify the cause and help you with a solution to the problem. Our engineers will help and guide you through the full process.

Innovative & Non-Disruptive Methods

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Need A Leak Detection Specialist?

Non-Destructive Method Of Locating & Mapping of Underground Utilities