Drainage Repairs

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1 Patch Line Repairs

This is a method used to repair underground drainage lines without the requirement of excavations this saving costs and unnecessary disruption to your property, how is this done? With the use of a packer (balloon) an epoxy resin coated fiberglass sleeve is wrapped around the packer and inserted into the drainline through an inspection chamber. Once inserted the packer is moved along the pipeline until in position, this is strategically placed with the use of a CCTV camera, after which the packer is inflated causing the sleeve to expand and line the sides of the pipe. After a period of time the epoxy resin cures and the packer is removed, this leaving a successful and cost effective repair.
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2 Pipe Lining

This is a technique similar to a patch line repair, however, pipe lining is a method used to reline extended lengths of drain lines which have extensive cracks or have become weak in construct. How is this done? A length of sleeve is cut to fit the section of defective pipeline, coated with a resin and sleeved through the pipeline. Once this is in place a blower is connected to the end of the sleeve and compressed air is forced through the line, this in turn expanding the sleeve and lining the pipe. This is left on for a period of time until the resin has hardened, this leaving a successful, cost effective and trenchless repair.

3 Isolated Drainage Repairs & Collapsed Drain Lines

When patch or lining repairs are not possible the final option would be to carry out an isolated repair. With the use of our technology we are able to locate, pinpoint defects as well as collapsed lines with great accuracy, removing the need for unnecessary excavations and trial holes to identify the extent of defects and collapses. Once this has been identified a precise excavation can be undertaken and a repair or replacement of the collapsed drain line can be completed.
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Why Call Detect The Leak?

At Detect the Leak we have the advanced technology, highly trained and experienced engineers to carry out a type of drainage repairs whether this be commercial, domestic or civil. We always strive to work hand in hand with our clients in order to achieve a successful and cost effective solution to your problem.