Drainage Surveys

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1 CCTV Camera Survey

Using a glass fibre reel that has a camera attached to the end we are able to insert this into the drainline at any given available entry points, such as manholes, inspection eyes and even gully traps. Once access is gained the camera is pushed along the pipeline and we are able to inspect, record and capture any defects that we might find along the way. Once a defect has been located, we are able to identify an exact position with the use of our utility tracker by locating the camera head with the use of our utility tracker. This in turn gives us a pinpoint accurate position of the defect, allowing us to excavate and make a repair with minimum damage which saves on costs. On completion of the survey we are able to compile a survey report detailing all defected and positioning of these defects.

2 Drain Mapping

With the use of the CCTV camera we would insert the camera into the drainage network and whilst the camera is being fed through the network we are able to follow it along with the use of the utility tracker. This enables us to map out and give pinpoint accurate drainage layouts, this is particularly useful when trying to locate field drains, soakaways systems, septic tanks etc.
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How can drainage surveys benefit you?

Other than your obvious drainage issues like blockages, CCTV surveys have become common practice when selling houses or even if you are planning building an extension or a new build on an old site. These surveys can also be of benefit to you for a better understanding of whether or not your drainage network is up to current building regulations.
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Why Call Detect The Leak?

At Detect the Leak we have the advanced technology, highly trained and experienced engineers to carry out a type of drainage surveys, whether this be commercial, domestic or civil.