Off Main Drainage

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In rural areas such as farms, holiday parks or anywhere where this is no mains sewage connection, you would require a specialised and self sustaining sewage treatment system to accommodate the waste services from the property.

At Detect the Leak our highly trained engineers are able to carry out all off main drainage works as well as have great knowledge and understanding of all the current regulations.

Whether you require a survey or an installation we are only a phone call away for free advice or estimations.


Leak Detection Sewage Treatment Plants
Leak Detection Septic Tanks
Leak Detection Soakaways
Leak Detection Field Drains
Leak Detection Subsoil Drainage
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When working on off main drainage systems there are numerous factors, rules and regulations that need to be considered, such as:

Leak Detection SEPA Regulations
Leak Detection The geology of the ground
Leak Detection Saturation rates
Leak Detection Building Regulations
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Our Highly Skilled Technicians Identify
Hidden Water Leaks Quick

Quality high-tech leak detection services to detect a hidden leak.