Septic Tanks

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When you require to be on off main drainage generally speaking this will require you to have a septic system, which works hand in hand with a soakaway, field drain or in some cases a discharge point leading into a natural surface watercourse.

Therefore meaning you should have one of the following systems:
Leak Detection Septic Tank
Leak Detection Sewage Treatment Plant
Leak Detection Cesspit

1 Septic Tank

As septic tanks have been around for many years they have been built or manufactured in various different shapes and sizes, and therefore could be made up of either concrete, brick or the more modern plastic tank. However, no matter the construct they all work in the same way.

A septic tank has no mechanical parts within the tank and does not treat the sewage matter. How does it work…? Within a septic tank you have either two or three separate chambers which separate the sewage. It’s a simple process of raw sewage entering into the septic tank, this separating the solids from the effluent with the effluent overflowing into the second and/or third chamber and exiting out the tank into a soakaway.

A healthy septic tank will have a living bacteria (worms) which helps the process of digesting the solid matter turning this into sludge. Therefore, generally around every 12 months the tank should be desludged.
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2 Sewage Treatment Plant

A sewage treatment plant is a modernised septic system which is powered by electrics and has a mechanical system to break down and treat the raw sewage matter. The idea is the sewage is broken down and treated leaving the effluent in a much cleaner form when it leaves the tank, this allowing you to dispose of the effluent in a more environmentally friendly manner.

3 Cesspit

A cesspit is merely a holding tank for capturing raw sewage from your property, with no exit point to a soakaway or watercourse, therefore, once the tank has been filled it will then be required to be emptied.

Generally this is frowned upon and used in rare cases as cesspits have got the highest risk of environmental pollution if they fail. Cesspits can also be an adverse cost to your property as this will require a lot of routine emptying.
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