Trace and Access

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Most insurance companies offer trace and access cover up to £5,000 as part of, or in addition to their buildings household insurance policies. If you have damage to your property resulting from an unknown water source, trace and access will cover you to identify the source, access the leak and also to reinstate any damage caused while accessing to make the repair.

Insurers usually do not cover to repair the actual leak, however, please revert to your insurance policy for confirmation of this.
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Why Call Detect The Leak?

Detect the Leak offers leak detection services to trace the origin of the leak, as well as provides qualified interpretation of your insurance policy if applicable.
Our highly trained engineers will personally contact you to discuss the circumstances in detail, this confirms the equipment required to source your leak. From the information given to the engineer we can then provide an estimate via telephone and email prior to our arrival.

Upon completion of the successful leak detection our engineers will compile a professional report to include photos and videos, this report can be passed onto your insurance company to aid your claim.