Utility Tracking

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Utility Tracing or Pipe Locating in the leak detection & drainage industry is a term used when someone is required to track & trace, locate and map out the paths of utility services within a property. These methods are used to track utilities such as mains water supply pipes, gas supply lines, drainage systems as well as electrical cables.

At ​Detect the Leak​ we have invested in hi-tech state of the art utility tracking equipment from Sewerin such as:

Leak Detection Signal Generator, also know by some as a “cat and geni”
Leak Detection Glass Fibre Tracing Reels
Leak Detection Soakaways
Leak Detection Sonde locators
Leak Detection CCTV Camera with sonde attached
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Having a multitude of utility tracking equipment within each of our vans, this allows us to track and trace various different pipe substrates like:

Metallic pipes​

A conductive pipe substrate like Copper, Cast Iron, Steel and lead.

Plastic pipes

A non conductive pipe substrate such as MDPE, Alkathene, PVC or Fusion.
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With ​Detect the Leak ​being a specialist leak detection and drainage company, utility tracing & pipe locating has played an important role in our accuracy and success in:

Leak Detection Leak Detection on underground supply pipes
Leak Detection Tracing of private water supplies fed from natural springs
Leak Detection Locating lost or hidden septic systems
Leak Detection Pinpointing a drainage defect or even a blockage
Leak Detection Mapping out of soakaway and drainage systems
Leak Detection Victorian Culverts

How are we able to track & trace these utilities ...?


Metallic Mains water supply utility tracking

Signal Generator/Cat & Geni

With the use of a signal generator, we make an attachment onto a metallic pipe substrate such as copper, cast iron, steel, etc. Once this is setup and connected, the signal generator is activated and the line is then energised with a manually set frequency of between 49.1hz - 200khz. With the line energised we are able to use what we call a receiver unit that detects the signal that pulses through the metallic pipe substrate and displays this onto a screen, this allows us to accurately identify the direction and path of the line.
Glass Fibre Tracer Reel

Plastic mains water supply utility tracking

Glass fibre tracer reel

Tracing plastic pipework is generally more difficult and not so straight forward to track. However, at Detect the Leak we have invested into what you call a ​tracer reel​ which works hand in hand with the signal generator and the sonde. In order to use the tracer reel, entry into the pipeline is required which can be obtained by removing a section of pipework or even a stop cock. Once entry has been gained, the tracer reel is inserted and fed through the pipeline of up to ​100 meters ​at a time. With the tracer reel in the line, the signal generator is connected onto the reel, energised and with the use of the receiver unit the tracer reel is then able to be located an traced with high accuracy. We can even tell you the depth!
Utility Tracking Mapping Drainage Systems

Mapping of drainage systems

CCTV Camera with sonde

Detect the Leak has further invested in a CCTV camera system which has a sonde attached onto the head of the camera. The camera is inserted into the drainage system, the sonde is activated (this sends out a frequency of 33khz) and with a receiver we are able to follow the sondes frequency as it gets fed through the system. Using this method we are not only able to map out drainage systems but also we are able to locate specific defects, septic tanks, blockages all without the need to dig multiple holes all over the property unnecessarily.
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If it leaks...we can track it and find it!

At ​Detect the Leak ​we have invested into the most hi-tech leak detection, utility tracking equipment as well as a lot of time into training our engineers to the highest standard. How is this relevant…?

Well with the best leak detection equipment, utility tracking equipment and trained engineers we are able to eliminate the unnecessary, destructive and sometimes costly excavations by using non invasive methods to track your utilities for the most accurate leak detections out there.