Commercial Leak Detection

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1 A survey of the property to identify if there is a leak and what the calculated loss is.

2 After the initial survey is complete, an audio survey is undertaken throughout the property or estate so we are able to identify an area where we can audibly hear the leak. If the leak is inaudible we would perform various step tests to isolate the leak to a smaller area through flow monitoring if possible.
3 Once we have identified an area where the leak is, we would then concentrate on tracking & tracing the supply pipe network in that area (this is only if there is no record of the layout of the utilities).

4 When all the above data has been obtained, we would perform various leak detections by use of Acoustic Correlators, Tracer Gas or Thermal Imaging.
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At Detect the Leak not only can we trace & locate your leak through non invasive measures, we have a full civils team which are able excavate the leaking pipe, make a successful repair and reinstate the property back to its original state.

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Our Highly Skilled Technicians Identify
Hidden Water Leaks Quick

From detecting the leaks to repairing them our experts can do it at a reasonable price.